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What are the fees to rent a room?
$30 an hour for residents and $60 an hour for non-residents. A $150 security deposit is required secured by a credit card, plus an additional one hour for a set-up fee.

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1. What are the buildings hours at the Franklin Loebe Center?
2. What is the period of time in advance you must have in order to rent a room?
3. What are the fees to rent a room?
4. Can we bring in alcohol to the buildings?
5. How many staff members work during your party?
6. Can we use glitter and confetti for our parties?
7. How early can I show up before my rental starts?
8. If we are having a good time can we stay longer?
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10. When is the gym available?
11. Does the recreation department have rooms to rent for parties or meetings?
12. What restrictions are there regarding the rental rooms available?
13. When can you reserve a room for the season?
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15. Do you need a permit for a block party?
16. What are the room rental fees and regulations?
17. Where can I get more information about the Winter Wonderland Ice Rink?