High School District 230 Bass Fishing Clubs Create Fish Cribs for Village's Lake Sedgewick

High School District 230 Bass Fishing Clubs Create Fish Cribs for Village's Lake Sedgewick
Posted on 09/25/2014

The District 230 Bass Fishing Clubs at Sandburg, Andrew and Stagg High Schools joined efforts to create fish cribs for the Village of Orland Park’s Lake Sedgewick in Centennial Park.

Fish cribs provide shelter for fish populations. Aquatic vegetation eventually attaches to the cribs and further helps the shelters, improving oxygen levels in the water.

On Tuesday, September 23, members from the three school clubs gathered at the village’s Lake Sedgewick to install the fish cribs created by the students.

“This is a great cooperative project not only among the three District 230 high schools but between the school district and the village,” said Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin. “We very much appreciate the students’ efforts to help the community and to help the fish populations at Lake Sedgewick,” the mayor said.

The District 230 fishing clubs are co-ed and girls actively participate. Last year, 10 girls joined the club at Andrew High School, for a total of 50 students a year. The club at Sandburg has 40 members with Stagg having 25.

“This is a community service project that the coaches came up with to help kids better understand the ecology of a lake and develop an appreciation for conservation. Each school has its own fishing club and in tournaments we compete against each other yet we try to do as much together as possible,” said John Bartgen, the head coach for the Victor J. Andrew High School Bass Fishing Team.

“This is a great learning experience and a wonderful way for these kids to help their community,” said Trustee Pat Gira, chair of the village’s Recreation and Parks Committee. “Years from now, these kids will remember what they did to help improve Lake Sedgewick,” Gira said.

Bartgen added, “It’s great to bring the kids together from the three schools and we hope to increase the health and populations of the fish species in Lake Sedgewick. The fishing community in our area has been great in providing the clubs with equipment, presentations and advice so we wanted to do something that gives back to those who have been so good to our clubs. Working on a local lake that many people use gives our kids a sense of giving back.”