Snow Returns Thaw Expected

Snow Returns Thaw Expected
Posted on 02/18/2014

ORLAND PARK, IL (Feb 17, 2014) – Snow has again blanketed Orland Park and village crews have been plowing continuously since Monday morning. Presidents’ Day 2014 began with snow, freezing rain and sleet with a total daytime accumulation expected between four and eight inches.

Snow is expected through 9 p.m. Monday night with the bulk of the snow and sleet happening during the late afternoon.

Main streets are plowed first followed by secondary streets and then cul-de-sacs. Plowing crews will be working through the night to clear village thoroughfares.

“The village’s crews have been out since this morning, working to keep up with the storm,” said Director of Infrastructure Maintenance John Ingram. “It’s becoming old but we have to again share our snow reminders,” he added.

The village’s parking ban is in effect one two inches of snow have fallen. Parked vehicles must be kept off the street for 10 hours after the snow stops. If physically able, residents should dig out fire hydrants from the street, clearing a three foot perimeter around the hydrant. Shoveled snow should always be moved to the lawn and never into the street where it creates a dangerous, icy hazard.

“This has been one of the worst winters in history and the two biggest problems our crews have faced are parked cars on village streets and people pushing their snow into the street,” Ingram said.

Thursday’s temperatures are expected to bring a regional thaw with temperatures expected near 50 degrees.

“We are looking forward to the above freezing temperatures later this week and our crews are preparing for the thaw that will come with them,” Ingram said.

Melting snow and rain create the potential for flooding if inlets are blocked with snow, ice or other debris. Village crews will be out to clear street inlets and Residents should monitor inlets and sewers located in their backyards.

“When the snow starts to melt, we ask that residents try not to park over or near the inlets so things can drain when the melting begins,” he added.

“Residents who are able can shovel the snow away from the inlets on their streets and in their backyards, removing any debris that could affect the flow of water,” Ingram added.

Motorists should proceed cautiously near inlets where water may pond or freeze.

Residents who see street flooding or ponding should notify Public Works immediately at 708/403-6350 or via email at