IRS Phone Scam Targeting Orland Park Residents

IRS Phone Scam Targeting Orland Park Residents
Posted on 11/02/2016

Orland Park Police Warn to Never Give Personal Information to Callers

The Orland Park Police Department has received numerous reports about an ongoing telephone scam in which someone calls claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service.

In many cases, the caller has a foreign accent and tells victims that they "could face a lawsuit or imprisonment if they don't send money for a 'deliquent' tax bill."

"We want to warn as many people as possible --- especially our seniors," said Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin. "Seniors are oftentimes targeted in scams like this and we ask everyone to take a minute to warn their family and friends about these calls coming into Orland Park."

Area residents should know that initial contact by the IRS is always by US mail and, in most cases, multiple certified letters. The IRS never makes contact with citizens by phone.

The fraudulent callers inform the victims of a "tax deficiency" or other made up offense and threaten imminent arrest, foreclosure, deportation or other dire consequence unless the victim makes immediate payment using pre-paid GreenDot debit cards, MoneyGram or other forms of payment.

Residents are cautioned to never, ever send any kind of payment.

"It is so important to not be intimidated by these callers," said Trustee Dan Calandriello, chair of the village's Public Safety Committee. "They will use whatever they can to get your personal information over the phone. Do not give it to them. Hang up and call the police right away."

The caller, who often becomes hostile during the call, will then try to get personal information in order to steal the victim's identity. The IRS will never contact individuals by phone or email or ask to verify personal information.

The Orland Park Police Department cautions residents to never give out personal information like birthdates, social security numbers or bank account numbers over the phone or via email.

"We caution everyone to never give out personal information to a stranger calling on the phone," said Police Chief Tim McCarthy. "And never respond to an email asking for personal information. If someone needs your information, they will contact you via the US Postal Service."

Residents who receive calls from unfamiliar numbers are encouraged to let the calls go to voice mail. The call may have originated from another country and be made to look like it came from a phone in the United States. The most recent numbers associated with the fraudulent IRS calls have been 206/866-5560 and 206/445-0554.

Residents who are targeted may file reports with the Orland Park Police Department. Additional information about IRS scams is available online at