Village Offers Free Rain Barrels with Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

Village Offers Free Rain Barrels with Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
Posted on 03/03/2016

The Village of Orland Park has joined with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) to provide free rain barrels for residents.

The Rain Barrel Program is open to all Village of Orland Park homeowners and offers a valuable form of green infrastructure as it is designed to capture storm water that can lead to flooding. Instead, the water can be used on plants and lawns or to wash cars, bicycles and pets.

“The village is excited to bring this green initiative as part of its ongoing Smart Living Orland Park Program,” said Mayor Dan McLaughlin. “By capturing and reusing rain water, residents can help to remove water from entering the sewer system and reduce flooding and sewer overflow.”

The MWRD estimates that roofs comprise 41 percent of impassable surfaces in Cook County with many of these surfaces connected to a public drainage system.

During rain events, storm water hitting residents’ rooftops flows through downspouts into the sewer system. Residents who receive the rain barrels must agree to disconnect their downspouts to divert water from the sewer system, thus reducing the likelihood of basement and street flooding. The barrels come with nozzles so residents can control how much water they want to stream onto their lawn or plants.

"The Rain Barrel Program was designed to reduce flooding while educating communities and homeowners on the value of green infrastructure," said MWRD Board of Commissioners President Mariyana Spyropoulos.

“I’ve had two barrels for a few years now and I have never had to worry about running up my water bill or over-watering,” said Village Trustee and Parks & Recreation Chair Patricia Gira. “We should take advantage of water that is provided free of charge and it takes no effort once the barrel is installed.”

Residents are allowed up to four, 55-gallon barrels, and can choose between black, blue, terra cotta and light grey colors. Residents can sign up for a barrel by completing an order form available at the village website by clicking on ‘Smart Living Orland Park’ under the Living In Orland Park tab, and at the information desk at Village Hall, 14700 Ravinia Avenue.

Barrels will be delivered directly to residents’ homes by the MWRD vendor and can take up to six weeks for delivery. Directions for installation come with the barrel and they can also be found on the village website

To learn more about acquiring rain barrels, click the link below.