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1. What amenities are available at the Sportsplex?
2. When is open gym available at the Sportsplex?
3. What are activity credits?
4. Can I rent the soccer field or gym at the Sportsplex?
5. Do you have to be a resident to use the Sportsplex track?
6. When is Sportsplex getting a pool?
7. At what age can you leave your child without adult supervision at the Sportsplex?
8. During school days off, does the Sportsplex have special hours or activities for kids?
9. Are non-residents allowed to use open gym?
10. Do you need to bring in your own ball or are they supplied?
11. Are children monitored if they leave the Sportsplex?
12. When did the Sportsplex open?
13. What types of shoes are required for the walking track?
14. What type of shoes can be worn on the soccer field?
15. How old do you have to be to use the track?
16. When is the soccer field available for open field?
17. What are the office hours of Sportsplex?