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Recreation - Centennial Park Aquatic Center

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1. When does Centennial Pool open/close?
2. Where is Centennial Pool located?
3. Why do I have to wear a swimsuit?
4. How old does my child have to be to come to the pool by themselves or with friends?
5. Why can't I get a cash refund if you close?
6. Why do I need both a swim diaper and plastic pants for my child?
7. Is the entire pool closed during regular pool hours for swim lessons?
8. Can I buy a membership at the pool?
9. Do you sell food?
10. Can I bring in a cooler?
11. Why do I have to pay if I am not swimming?
12. Do you have to be a resident to come to the pool?
13. Why do I have to prove residency?
14. Can I bring my own chair or stroller?
15. Can I cook on a grill at the pool or outside in the parking lot?
16. Can I smoke at the pool?