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1. Does my contractor require a license?
2. How do I schedule an inspection?
3. What time will my inspection be?
4. How many sets of drawings are required?
5. Do I need a permit for.....
6. What codes are your currently using?
7. What are your office hours?
8. How long will my commercial review take?
9. What causes concrete to crack?
10. Who do I call if I think a building is a hazard?
11. Do you expedite permits?
12. Does the Village of Orland Park review Fire Protection Systems?
13. When does a commercial building require a fire sprinkler system?
14. When does a commercial building require a fire alarm system?
15. Does my residential or commercial building require an energy review?
16. Besides a completed permit application, what are the requirements for submitting a Fire Sprinkler and Hood/Duct suppression systems permit?
17. Do Fire Alarm plans need to be signed and sealed by an Engineer?
18. If work is done without a permit, what is the fine?
19. Do you require insulation inspections?
20. Where can I get a copy of my plat of survey?