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The Village of Orland Park maintains 46 baseball fields

throughout Orland Park. Generally, about 35-40 fields are

reserved and in use daily by local youth organizations.

Regular maintenance practices as well as individual,

specialized projects are performed by village staff.

All fields scheduled for use will be assessed and prepared

by village crews on the day reserved. Daily maintenance

consists of setting bases and preparing mounds according

to the request of guests, as well as machine raking of the

infield in order to maintain a desirable playing surface.

Fresh chalk lines are laid out for the baselines along with

batters’ boxes. During the summer season, daily duties

expand to include regular edging of the infields and

warning tracks as well as

weed management practices.

Maintenance includes irrigating turf and clay, rolling turf

and infields and adding clay or other materials as needed

to provide the most desirable playing surface possible.

In an effort to improve water drainage and dispersion

at the John Humphrey Complex, fields 1-4 have been

regraded. The regrading will assist in keeping the field dry

and playable to avoid cancellations.

Both Centennial Park Baseball fields and John Humphrey

Complex fields received an application of an infield

conditioner to the clay surface. Regular application will

improve the playing surface and improve water management.

Many of the baseball fields will require additional grading

drainage and other restorative procedures. Future plans for

John Humphrey Complex baseball fields 3 and 4 include

installation of new drainage pipes to improve the outfield

playing conditions.

Questions about Village of Orland Park

ballfields can be directed to the

Village of Orland Park

Parks Department at


There are over 180 village-maintained ponds within the

Village of Orland Park. The village’s Parks and Grounds

Department is responsible for aesthetics and shoreline

stabilization of all ponds. The Village Board has requested

that a natural approach be taken to sustain and/or restore

pond shorelines. This approach includes the planting of

native, deep rooting plants to enhance shoreline stability

while also enhancing the aesthetics of the pond itself. The

plant life helps to filter any chemical run off that may occur

from surrounding properties.

The village works with ecological contractors to help

evaluate and maintain many pond sites through a

stewardship process. Stewardship is a multi-year program

is which invasive species of plants surrounding the pond

site are removed and monitored. Plant plug or seeds may

be installed to promote the growth of native plantings.

During the process there is typically a controlled burn

which uses fire as a tool to help promote the growth of

plantings. Over time, the invasive plants are removed and

native plantings surround the ponds. This method maintains

a hydrological and ecological balance by using methods

that are structurally sound, as well as economically

feasible, while being ecologically sustainable.

Certain ponds are treated and monitored through the use

of an algaecide contractor. High profile ponds are treated

and tested for algae on a bi-monthly basis.

Some ponds are also monitored by our

algaecide contractor but only treated

when necessary.

For more information, call the

village Parks and Grounds

Department at (708)403-6219.