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The Village of Orland Park wants to know what you think about our community and the services it provides.  Please take a small amount of time and make a large investment in our community by participating in the nonscientific survey listed below. Your feedback will help the village set benchmarks for tracking the quality of services it provides to its residents as well as help make decisions that affect our community.

Please help us shape the future of Orland Park! Thank you in advance for your time and participation.

Active Surveys

There are no active surveys at this time.

Past Surveys

2014 Second National Citizen Survey - Scientific Survey

Trends Over Time
Technical Appendices
Demographic Crosstabs
Geographic Crosstabs
Community Livability Report

National Citizens Survey Power Point Presentation

2013 Business Survey - Scientific Survey
            Survey Results
            Summary Results / Presentation

May 2013 Wheeler Drive Traffic Calming Project Summary
2013 Village Website Survey
2012 Great Pumpkin Party Survey
2012 Concert Survey
2012 Summer Public Works Survey
The National Citizen Survey - Scientific Survey
Mayor McLaughlin's Jobs Initiative Program - Questionnaire
March 2012 Early Voting Survey
February 2012 Civic Center Survey
January 2012 Snow Storm Survey