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Catalina (Silver Lake Gardens) - 4/18/14
Project Update
Engineering and design plans for the basins located on the east side of 80th Avenue are underway and approximately 50% complete.  The Village has recently been in the area to determine depths and locations of some of the other underground utilities that may be in conflict with proposed storm sewer pipes. 

The Village and Christopher B. Burke Engineering, LTD. are continuing the process of evaluating easements for the proposed storm sewer system that will provide the required conveyance capacity from the existing cul-de-sacs to the proposed new detention storage areas.  Easement documents are being drafted and reviewed.   

The next steps will include contacting property owners to obtain the easements. 

Additionally, the village is evaluating the potential to convert this project to design/build.  Utilizing a design/build process could significantly speed up the construction portion of the process.  The Village Board of Trustees will determine if this methodology will provide the best solution to meet the Village's goals within the next few weeks.

Project Description
The proposed drainage improvements will create dedicated storage basins and conveyance piping to collect and store stormwater runoff in the Village-owned Commonwealth Edison right of way located immediately south of the culs-de-sac. The project will also analyze the feasibility of constructing additional stormwater storage basins west of 80th Avenue.

Project History
The project site is located south of Wheeler Drive and east of 80th Avenue. The culs-de-sac in the area were designed to collect and store stormwater runoff which limits mobility for residents and access for emergency vehicles during storm events.