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Tenant Apportionment Hearing Concerns
Landlord Involvement Thus Far
The village has unilateral control over the relocation assistance with the tenants, and the landlord has no legal right to interfere or participate in this process. The village has undertaken very detailed and time consuming steps to fairly and equitably assist the tenants in understanding their rights, and making certain that they get equitable treatment. The landlord has been completely kept out of the process.

Participation in Resolution of Apportionment Claims
The law makes it clear that the village has no legal standing or legally recognized right to participate in the resolution of apportionment claims between the landlord and the tenants. Any suggestion that we should strong arm the landlord into paying the tenants what they think they are entitled to is misplaced and contrary to Illinois law.

This is purely a contract claim, and the village will not involve itself in an "interference with contract" claim where the law is so clear that we have no legal standing.

Security for Tenants
The village has demanded, as a settlement term, that the landlord provide security for 100% of the tenant’s claims, even if that amount exceeds what the village is paying for the land condemned. This assures that when the court rules upon how much the tenant is lawfully entitled to share of the just-compensation, the tenants are not trying to collect from an empty corporate defendant with no land and no money.

Defined Rights
The law defines the rights of these tenants. What the tenants retain after the village settles with the landlord is their legally recognized, lawful claim to a portion of the money the village pays the landlord. This claim is 100% protected by the settlement we are negotiating.

If any tenant is demanding more than their legal rights under the law, more than the relocation assistance, and more interference from the village to leverage the tenants claims against the landlord than the law permits us to exert, the village is obligated to say no.