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Fernway Subdivision 3/30/16
Project Status

The Fernway Stormwater Improvement project is located south of 159th Street and east of 88th Avenue in the Fernway Subdivision.  The project consists of substantial ditch regrading and re-establishment and the installation of culverts and/or other drainage features to increase conveyance.  The project is currently in Phase II design and construction will be implemented in phases concurrent with the reconstruction of roadways throughout the subdivision.  Phase II design for the first and second sub-watersheds has been completed and is anticipated to be constructed this summer. 

The first area of the improvement will consist of reshaping the ditches, installation of concrete ribbon curb and reconstruction of  167th Place and Robinhood Drive south of 167th Street to 171st Street.  Construction will be done with the Village's Neighborhood Road Improvement Program. 

Project Description
On July 1, 2013 the Village Board voted to approve a proposal from Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. to provide stormwater improvement engineering services for the Fernway Subdivision.  These Phase II services are a continuation of the stormwater improvements throughout the subdivision that have included large-scale culvert replacements and improvements to the flow line of Tinley Creek.  The scope of the project is to provide defined, positive drainage routes for stormwater runoff upstream of the creek from the driveways and other open drainage areas.  The proposed engineering services will include topographic survey of the project area, detailed hydrologic and hydraulic modeling of the proposed stormwater improvements, preparation of engineering plans and all permitting for the stormwater improvements.