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Maycliff Subdivision - Update 8/12/15
Project Update

The water main project started on 7/20/2015 and the bypass system has been installed throughout the project.  The bypass system along 143rd Place, 144th Street, and 144th Place, has passed all necessary sampling tests.  The bypass systems for the remaining project locations are anticipated to sampled and tested during the week of 8/10/2015.  Currently all residents along 143rd Place and 144th Street have been connected to the bypass system.  The remaining residents within the project area can anticipate being connected to the bypass system sometime during the next several weeks.  All existing water main along 143rd Place has been cleaned and prepared for lining.  The lining along 143rd Place is anticipated to be complete by the end of the week of 8/10/2015.  The lining project is expected to continue to work from the north towards the south throughout the project limits.  The residents should anticipate continuing to see the separate operations necessary to the lining process to continue sequentially throughout the subdivision.  The water main connection and lane closure on 143rd Street at 87th Avenue has been completed and the lanes opened to traffic ahead of schedule on Friday, August 7th.  The water main improvement project is currently anticipated to continue for the next several months.  The residents of the area will continue to see road closures and significant impacts to traffic and access throughout the project limits during construction. 

Construction for the 60" storm water on 88th Avenue and on 144th Street has been completed.  The next steps will be to complete the intersection drainage improvements at the intersections of 144th St. at Maycliff St. and 144th St. at 88th Ave.  Completing this work will conclude all proposed work in these locations and allow for the pavement patch along 144th St. to be installed.  Following these intersection drainage improvements, the work will continue to install storm sewer trunk line that will connect at the 144th Street at 87th Avenue intersection.  Numerous easements are required from residents for the construction and success of this project and are currently being pursued.  We currently anticipate completing the storm sewer portion of the project in the next several months.

Maycliff Stormwater and Watermain  


Project History

The Maycliff subdivision was started during the early 1960’s and continued construction of the infrastructure into the ’70’s.  Detaining storm water was only a concept at the time for the design of the subdivision.  The area streets hold water during major storm events and flooding occurs. 

The Village Board continues its efforts to reduce storm water drainage issues with the proposed storm water improvements to the Maycliff area. 

The proposed storm sewer system was designed by Christopher B. Burke Engineering LTD. (CBBEL) and will convey storm water from the residential area into the Schussler Park pond. Large diameter storm sewer pipe will be constructed north and south beneath 87th Avenue, eastward under 144th Street, south below 88th Avenue and discharge near the existing outlet to the Schussler Park pond. Smaller diameter sewers will be installed in various side and rear yards to help alleviate nuisance flooding. Airy’s, Inc. will be installing the storm water improvements.

The majority of the construction will take place within the village right-of-way, some work to install the necessary storm sewers and inlets will be required on private property at different locations. Once work begins, on street parking will be restricted for brief periods to allow for construction access. NO PARKING signs will be posted where needed. 

Water main improvements are also scheduled for construction this summer. A majority of the water mains within the subdivision will be lined, extending the life of the pipe and having less of an impact than traditional open cut construction.

The Village of Orland Park will be resurfacing or rehabilitating all streets within the subdivision in 2016.  

We appreciate your patience throughout this construction project. If you have questions or special concerns, please contact those listed below.

Travis Parry
Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd
Project Engineer | 847.980.5315847.980.5315

Casey McCollom
Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd
Resident Engineer | 847.833.7768847.833.7768

John Ingram
Village of Orland Park
Infrastructure Maintenance Director | 708.403.6350708.403.6350