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Problem Oriented Policing
The problem-oriented policing (POP) officer is a position appointed by the chief of police under the command of the commander of investigations. The POP officer reviews incidents via the POP Referral Program in regard to problems that have been addressed by the Patrol Division at the same location on at least three occasions in which no resolution has been reached.

The POP officer then reviews the referrals and directs and coordinates problem solving efforts to eliminate or better manage the problems while working with the beat officers, neighbors, village resources, and other who may be of assistance. POP is developed to look into the root of problems which generate high numbers of calls for service. Usually the problems deal with residences, apartments, businesses, schools, etc. that are generating high number of calls for service.

Analyzing Problems
The job of the POP officer is to analyze these problems using the following methods:
  • Scanning: Look at the area and the type of calls for service which are being generated. This includes identifying the parties and crime involved, if any.
  • Analysis: Start gathering detailed information to understand the scope, nature, and causes of the problem.
  • Response: Put into action the means which have been developed to rectify the problem. This could mean breaking the big problem down into some smaller problems.
  • Assessment: Put the strategy into action and when the problem has been resolved or corrective action has been taken, the solution is evaluated by its success. This also gives officers an opportunity to assess what can be done differently in the future.