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Smart Living at Home
Smart Living LogoSmart Living at Home is the residential component of Smart Living Orland Park.  It shares its name with the overall program because it is the main focus that primarily connects residents with the Village's ongoing promotion of green initiatives.  A few highlights of the Smart Living program include:

  • Programs coordinated by the Recreation Department like T.O.S.S., battery recycling, education efforts and more.
  • Residential Rewards Program, a feature incentive program that scores participants on a number of prescribed green actions taken in a home.
  • Utility incentives work together with the Residential Rewards Program to maximize assistance for residents.

Join the Smart Living Effort
Everyone can join the Smart Living effort. Homeowners and businesses alike can work toward a more sustainable future through the Smart Living at Home program to cut costs, improve efficiency, and save energy and water. Use the Green Resource Center for more ways to save and be green.

Live a Greener Life
Here are some simple steps to a greener life. Click on the flyer to enlarge.