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Smart Neighborhood

Smart Neighborhood is the planning and development component of Smart Living Orland Park and is characterized by the following:

A goal to construct a certified green neighborhood or subdivision in Orland Park.

An emphasis on the performance of the green neighborhood rather than the rating system that certifies it green.

A strategy to pursue or follow a number of certification programs like the North American Home Builder's National Green Building Standard.

Green Homes, Green Neighborhood

Smart Neighborhood also encourages and incentivizes residential projects to build green certified residential buildings using performance based metrics like LEED or NAHB.  Currently, the program is under development.  Basic components to expect include: 

  • Incentives will be tied to expedited permitting and reduced/delayed building permit fees.
  • Program will apply to residential projects.
  • Projects must earn minimum threshold point ratings to qualify for incentives.

Developers interested in pursuing a green project should contact the Development Services Department at 708.403.5300. 

The National Green Building Standard was drafted through a joint effort of the National Association of Home Builders and the International Code Council. It is the first ANSI (American NationalStandard Institute) code on residential green buildings. The ANSI approved these standards in January of 2009.