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Ecology describes the relationship we and other living organisms have with our natural environments.  Although much of Orland Park has developed in a traditional suburban manner, efforts have been taken to protect, preserve and enhance natural areas reflective of the local heritage including wetlands, prairie grasslands, and savannah forests.  Besides supporting regional biodiversity, these ecosystems provide valuable services to our community that include flood control, soil stabilization, and water quality maintenance  to name a few. 

To protect these resources, the Village works with developers and land owners using management techniques and preservation strategies.  The below policies highlight current efforts as related to ecology.

  • Storm water best management practices and techniques that retain hydrology for existing natural systems and emphasize groundwater recharge.
  • Conservation development practices and techniques that respect existing topography.
  • Conservation easements for grasslands, tree stands and other significant natural features.
  • Acquisition of over 300 acres of land to be preserved as open space within the Village.
  • Programs like the Tree Mitigation Bank, which is a fee-in-lieu funding source dedicated to urban forestry.
  • Habitat and biodiversity enhancement techniques like controlled burns, wetland and prairie detention facilities, reduced mowing, invasive species removal and other environmental preservation strategies.

Maintaining and managing a natural environment that compliments the built environment benefits both current and future generations, positively affecting health and security.  Local ecosystems have both direct impacts to the immediate environment and indirect impacts at the regional, national and even international scale.