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Animal Control
Domesticated Animals
An officer will respond to any call regarding a domesticated animal within the corporate limits of the Village of Orland Park. This includes, but is not limited to, loose-running dogs or barking dogs. If a domesticated animal is found running loose, within the village, the animal will be transported to the Animal Welfare League facility located in Chicago Ridge.

Releasing Animals
Domesticated animals impounded under village ordinances will be released to their owners only after the owner reports to Orland Park Police Headquarters and is issued appropriate ordinance citation(s), at which time a receipt for the animal may be taken to the impound facility.

The owner of the animal shall be responsible for any impound fees that accrue and must make such payment at the animal welfare facility prior to release of the animal. Animals are euthanized if not claimed or adopted under the policies and procedures of the Animal Control League.

Wild Animals
The department provides animal control for wild animals on public and private property if the animal is injured or poses a threat to human safety. The Village of Orland Park does not support nor endorse any specific private organization for the trapping and/or recovery of wild animals, however if assistance is needed to remove a wild animal, that is not injured or a threat to human safety, the following state-licensed private wildlife removal resources are available:
  • A & B Wildlife - 630-850-7126
  • Wildlife Police - 630-789-9453
  • Have a Heart Wildlife - 708-534-8801

We do suggest when calling, to ascertain any fee information.