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The Village of Orland Park has added to its growing number of community oriented productions with its “Video Tour of Orland Park’s Faith Community.”

“There are more than 20 houses of worship that serve Orland Park and we want people to know about all that our community offers,” said Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin.

McLaughlin proposed the video series having been invited to programs and services at many of Orland Park’s religious facilities.

“Over the years, I’ve been invited to celebrations and events at our different houses of worship and learned more and more about religions other than my own,” the mayor said. “I thought the citizens of Orland Park would find value in learning about the different faith communities.”

*Please click the pictures below to watch each series of "Video Tour of Orland Park's Faith Community."

*More information regarding each place of worship can be found by clicking their name below.

"Video Tour of Orland Park's Faith
Community: Part One"

            -Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church
            -Calvary Church
            -Faith United Methodist Church
            -St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
                        Part one.png
"Video Tour of Orland Park's Faith
Community: Part Two"

            -All Saints Lutheran Church
            -Ashburn Baptist Church
            -Our Lady of the Woods Catholic Church
            -Christian Hills Church
            -Orland Park Prayer Center
              Part 2.png

"Video Tour of Orland Park's Faith
Community: Part Three"

            -Orland Park Christian Reformed Church
            -St. Michael Catholic Church
            -Hope Covenant Church
            -Christ Lutheran Church
            -Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church
            -St. Julie Billiart Catholic Church
                      part (3).png    


"Video Tour of Orland Park's Faith
Community: Part Four"

-SouthBridge Church
            -St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church
            -The Stone Church
            -Living Word Lutheran Church
            -Parkview Christian Church   
            -The Presbyterian Church of Orland Park
             part four.png