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Several artists have tackled the issue of bullying head-on in their music. Below are some music videos that speak directly to this issue, offering a positive message of support and strength.

maxresdefault.jpg                        charissa-hogeland-hold-on-music-video.png
                        Anna Richey's video "Broken"                                                       Charissa Hogeland's  video "Hold On"

Chicago-based Ashleigh Ashton's video "Break in Two"                   Jonny Diaz's video "More Beautiful You"


In addition to music, the following videos provide inspirational talks, skits and encouragement for anyone dealing with a bully or wanting to do more to prevent bullying.

e5cacb27bbe13285472978405e60468e6b7e01fe.jpg                             64ab3490df3eb76139b0e8fa1c140eca.jpg
  TEDx Teen "Rethink Before You Type" -Trisha Prabhu                                 Actress Amy Poehler's advice on handling 
                                                                                                                                a difficult situation

      hqdefault.jpg               1500.png
      "A Sincere Compliment"- 17-year-old student creates                          Bullies picked on him everyday, until he did something 
          a Twitter account to encourage fellow students
                                                    simple to turn it around


                                                        "Red" - short film on standing up to bullying

                                                Learn more about mental health and wellness with daily inspirations