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Mill Creek Pond

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The Mill Creek Subdivision and pond were originally constructed in the late 1970’s. The property the pond is located on is owned by the Village of Orland Park as part of an agreement to provide water and sanitary sewer service to this area of unincorporated Palos Township.  Over the past 40 years, the shoreline around the pond has eroded.  Although erosion of the shoreline has occurred around the pond, it continues to function as designed.  The Village of Orland Park utilized consultants to evaluate the condition and recommend options for stabilizing the shoreline.  While considering the limitations for construction equipment to access the shoreline along with the potential impacts to the surrounding homes, the stabilization will involve a combination of stone rip-rap, grading and native plant installation to re-establish the shoreline. 

The consultant recommended the western and eastern slopes of the pond to be the priority at this time. 

The Village has hired a contractor, Thornton Equipment Services, to perform the work of the shoreline stabilization. Work on the shoreline is scheduled to commence on March 28, 2016 and is expected to take less than 2 weeks to complete the project depending on the weather.

Prior to the work commencing, the Village of Orland Park have been trimming some trees and will be removing some of the brush along the shoreline that impede the equipment.  In order to stabilize the shorelines, the east and west shoreline require stone rip-rap (large stones) and dirt brought in to re-establish the eroded areas.    The stone and dirt will be delivered and stockpiled on the north side of the pond at the end of Kinvarra Drive.  We have met with Palos Park and obtained a permit for the use of Kinvarra Drive. The contractor will be using both large and small equipment to perform the stabilization. If you have any sprinkler systems please identify them.  Downspout drains and sump pump drains will be re-established in the new shoreline area.

The contractor will be planting natural plantings on the re-established shoreline.  The plantings will not be mowed and are needed to help in the prevention of future erosion.   No mowing will occur from the shoreline up about 15’.  We ask that no adjacent homeowner mow the planting area also.

We apologize for any inconvenience and would appreciate your cooperation during this project. Every attempt will be made to minimize interference with local activities; however, residents are advised to exercise caution around construction activities.

Should you have any concerns or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact

Bill Cunningham at (708) 403-6350.