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Snow Removal
Snow Operations
For details on Extreme Weather and Road Conditions as well as other wintertime information please use the menu to the left. 

Public Works Department staff begin preparing for snow plowing operations in late August each year. The mission of the department Snow Command Team is to keep Orland Park streets free of snow and ice during and after all snow storms, regardless of the magnitude of the storm.

When a storm begins, day or night, Public Works crews are promptly mobilized and dispatched. The type of storm, anticipated accumulation, expected duration and other variables such as wind, drifting and temperature dictates how our specific snow plowing operations will progress.

With ice or small snow accumulation snow plowing and salting at the same time will generally clear the roadways. With heavier snow or long duration storms the concentration is on keeping the roadways open. Once the storm has ended the roads will be cleared from curb to curb and followed up with salt.

Snow Tips
We make every effort to reduce the impact of winter snows, but we need your help.  The Top 10 Snow Tips and Driveway Snow pages on this site list some of the ways that you and your neighbors can make a difference during a snow season.  We appreciate your assistance and patience during every snow event.