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Using Pace Dial-a-Ride
Helpful Hints for Using the Service
To ensure a timely and enjoyable ride, the village requests the following:
  • Please be ready when the bus arrives. The drivers have many trips to complete daily and delays are difficult to make up.
  • The PACE Dial-A-Ride bus is not intended to serve as an ambulance or Medi-Van for medical treatment. Please discuss transportation options with your health care provider.
  • If you are in a wheelchair or need special assistance boarding the bus, please let the dispatcher know when you call in to schedule your ride.
  • The PACE Dial-A-Ride bus is not intended to provide work trips to your place of employment. Due to scheduling variations, we do not guarantee pick-up or destination times.
  • Please allow additional time for the bus during inclement weather.
  • Pick-up locations must provide a safe access for the bus and for you to board the vehicle.
  • Buses are not allowed to go on private property or to use private driveways. All boarding must be done from the public roadway or parking area designed for that purpose.

In order to provide comfort and convenience of all passengers, the following restrictions will be strictly adhered to:
  • Smoking is not permitted on the bus.
  • Eating of food and drinking of beverages are prohibited on the bus.
  • Only one round trip is allowed per day.
  • Multiple destinations are not permitted.
  • All rides must be scheduled by the dispatcher. Bus drivers are not allowed to alter or modify the route schedule to accommodate additional rides, time alterations, or to change a scheduled destination.
  • Carry-on packages (limit of 2) must be secured on the bus. Oversized items are not allowed.