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Adopt-An-Inlet Program
Program Description
This program is for every resident with a stormwater grate near them.  Whether in a single family home or multi family area, storm grates can be a problem.  Storm inlet grates can become clogged by debris flowing down to them and covering the grate.  The debris can be landscaping rocks, grass, papers, leaves, wood chips, mulch and a variety of other items.  The Public Works Department is asking residents to Adopt-An-Inlet. This program asks you, as a resident who may have a street or rear-yard stormwater inlet to make sure they are cleaned off and unobstructed.

Debris Clearing
Many of our street and backyard flooding calls are directly related to stormwater inlets becoming covered with leaves, grass, and debris. Once the debris is cleared, the inlets can drain properly. If you have an inlet anywhere near your home or on your property, please be a good neighbor and keep it clear. If flooding has begun, do not attempt to clear the debris until the water subsides.  Call the Public Works Department at 708-403-6350 for clearing the debris when flooding has occurred.