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Driveway Snow
Driveway SnowDriveway Snow
The Public Works Department has been noticing an alarming number of residents are clearing their driveways and depositing that snow back into the streets. This practice is in violation of Village of Orland Park Ordinance No. 354 and severely hampers our snowplowing operations.

Hazards of Placing Snow in the Street

Pushing or placing snow into the street can cause hard pack and ice formations creating unsafe, hazardous road conditions. Our snowplow operators have been instructed to log all locations where snow is being deposited back into the street. Those property owners will be required to remove the snow from the roadway immediately.

Cooperation & Safety
To clear our roads as quickly as possible and keep them safe for travel, we need the cooperation of all our residents. If you have any questions please contact the Public Works Department at 708-403-6350.

What Not to Do
Try not to do the following:
  • Shovel snow into the street
  • Blow the snow using a snow blower into the street
  • Plow the snow into and across the street

What to Do
Try using the following recommendations:
  • Shovel the snow to the side of your driveway
  • Direct the snow blower outlet to the parkway area
    • Do a side to side swipe with the snow blower at the street pavement
  • Plow the snow on the last pass of your driveway to the side

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