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Commercial Kiosks
Conditions of Approval
The Village of Orland Park Development Services Department allows an occupancy for kiosks / carts within a mall with the following conditions:
  • Occupancy and Zoning applications must be completed and submitted for review.
  • A site plan must be completed showing to scale the size and location of all new kiosks and all existing structures within 20 feet of the kiosk. Accurate dimensions shall be drawn on site plan.
  • Intended use must be approved in accordance with the Village Land Development Code (also known as zoning approval).
  • A final occupancy inspection approval is required to verify minimum fire, life safety, exiting, accessibility to environmental-limited persons, and health hazard conditions.
  • Occupancy only permit fees for commercial use include a $145 inspection / permit fee and a $40 zoning permit fee and must be paid prior to opening.
  • Business licenses are required per Village Code Title 7, Chapter 2. Fees for kiosks are $75 and are valid Jan 1 - Dec 31 of each year.   
  • A separate license will be required for the sale of tobacco.
  • A police background check and approval is required for all massage therapy businesses before a building/occupancy permit can be submitted. Call the Police Department at 708-403-4945 for application and details. State of Illinois Massage Therapist Licenses are required for all massage therapists.
  • Occupancy permit applications and detailed kiosk requirements are available in the commercial occupancy package.
  • Permit Fees must be paid as per Village Code Title 5, Chapter 2.

Required Inspections
Commercial Occupancy Only Inspections