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Permit Regulations
Sign permit regulations are outlined in Land Development Code Article 6, Part 3, Section 6-307. For information on individual sign topics, please refer to the sections listed below.
Sign Permit Fees and Application
New wall signs and ground-mounted signs shall be $9 per lineal foot (measuring the perimeter) but not less than $90.

Temporary signs include banners, balloons, feather flags and pennants and are $40 per event. Temporary sign permits are limited to five per calendar year.  


Complete a sign permit application: Temporary Sign   Permanent Sign.

Sign Information Code Sections
  • Signs Permitted Without Permit - Sec. 6-307.N.2 
  • Prohibited Signs - Sec. 6-307.M
  • Construction Signs - 6-307.N.1.a
  • Real Estate For Sale or Lease Signs Over 6 Square Feet - Sec. 6-307.N.1.b
  • Banners, Pennants - Sec. 6-307.N.1.f 
  • Hot Air Balloons - Sec. 6-307.N.1.g
  • Signs Permitted in All Districts - Sec. 6-307.N 
  • Signs Permitted in Commercial / Office Districts - Sec. 6-307.P
  • Signs Permitted in Residential Districts - Sec. 6-307.O 
  • Signs Permitted in Industrial Districts - Sec. 6-307.Q
  • Signs Permitted For Automobile Dealers and Service Stations - Sec. 6-307.R
  • Signs Permitted For the Old Orland Historic District - Sec. 6-209.E