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Orland Park Television
The Village of Orland Park is committed to keeping the public informed and educated about local government, programs, services, and events in the community. Administered through the Village Manager's Office, Orland Park Television welcomes programming and announcements from the taxing bodies / government agencies that serve the Village of Orland Park.

The village reserves the right to review all programs, proposed and/or completed, to determine compliance with FCC programming regulations, channel purpose, objectives, priorities, restrictions, and access policy. The channels depend on your cable provider:
  • Comcast Cable - Channel 4
  • AT&T U-Verse - Channel 99

Program Guide
(Channel: Com-ATT)

 7:00 AM - My Orland Park  3:30 PM - Orland Park Sustainability  8:45 PM - Downtown Orland Park
 8:00 AM - Someone You Should Know  4:00 PM - Turkey Trot 2014  9:00 PM - A Community of Faith
 9:00 AM - A Community Faith  4:27 PM - Enjoy Orland Park!  10:38 PM - Open Lands in Orland Park
 9:56 AM - Downtown Orland Park  5:00 PM - Orland Park History  11:00 PM - In-Focus Turkey Trot 2014
 10:00 AM - IN-Focus Turkey Trot 2014  5:30 PM - Water Round Table  1:00 AM - Downtown Orland Park
 12:30 AM - Open Lands in Orland Park  6:03 PM - Orland Park Sustainability  2:00 AM - Open Lands in Orland Park
 1:00 PM - Liquid Assets  7:00 PM - In-Focus: Turkey Trot 2014  3:00 AM - Orland Park Sustainability
 3:00 PM - Orland Park History  8:00 PM - Someone You Should Know  

View Shows Online
Listed below are the links to the village's shows that can be viewed online through the Village of Orland Park's YouTube Channel.

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