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Minor Zoning Variance
Application Procedure
The zoning hearing officers are authorized to grant variances where there are practical difficulties or unnecessary hardships resulting from strict compliance with land development code ordinances. Please see Land Development Code Section 5-109 on variances for detailed requirements and variance standards.

The following are needed to apply for variance:
  • Completed application and questionnaire
  • An updated copy of plat of survey showing location of proposed variance
  • $125 application fee
  • $50 refundable deposit for notice of hearing sign
After the Review
If after review by Development Services staff it is determined that all variance standards are met, the application will be accepted and placed on the agenda for the following month. Variance hearings are held on the second Tuesday of the month. A notice of hearing sign will be provided to the petitioners for placement in the front yard of the residence. The sign must be displayed at least 15 days prior to the hearing date.

Variance Hearings
will hear all evidence and testimony by the petitioner and listen to any objections from concerned neighbors. The petitioner is encouraged to obtain letters from surrounding neighbors stating that they have no objection to the variance being requested. Architectural drawings of the proposed structure can also be brought in for the hearing.

The zoning hearing officers will approve or deny the variance requested on the date of the hearing. If the variance is approved, a building permit may be obtained at any time subsequent to the hearing.