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Residential Tree Removal
Trees Requiring a Permit for Removal
Whether a resident can take down a tree without a permit is dependent on where the tree is and how big it is. The following trees require a permit from the village before removal:
  • Parkway Trees - Trees between the sidewalk and the street.
  • Conservation Easement Trees - These trees would be noted on the owners plat of survey.
  • Heritage Trees - This includes any tree on the lot that is greater than 24 inches in diameter.

All tree removal permits are reviewed by the Planning and Engineering Division of the Development Services Department. Decisions are typically issued within three business days.

Tree Removal & Replacement
If a resident wants to remove one of the above mentioned trees, they need to complete a permit application. If a resident removes one of the above listed trees without a permit, they can be fined $200 per caliper inch of tree removed. Any other tree that is on a single-family lot (such as a small maple in the side yard) can be removed without a permit.

If the trees requested for removal are clearly dead or diseased, no replacement is required.

Tree Replacement Table
If the trees requested for removal are healthy, permits may only be granted if the following mitigation ratios are followed. If the amount of replacement trees needed exceeds the room available on the property, the homeowner can donate $400 to our tree mitigation bank for each tree that does not fit.

Diameter of Removed Trees
Number & Diameter of Replacement Trees Required
4-12 inches
Two trees at 2.5 inches, or one tree at 4 inches
13-23 inches
Four trees at 2.5 inches, or two trees at 4 inches
24 inches or greater
Six trees at 2.5 inches, or three trees at 4 inches