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Wireless Communication Facilities
The co-location of wireless communication antennae on existing monopoles in the Village of Orland Park is a preferred practice. Co-locations are reviewed administratively by the Development Services Department and take approximately 15-30 days for complete review.

A co-location petition does not go to the Plan Commission or to any of the trustee meetings. The Development Services Department is the lead department in all matters regarding wireless communication facility projects.


To file for a co-location petition you will need to submit:
  • A development review petition, most of the information provided therein will not necessarily apply to a wireless co-location project; however, various agreements and authorization forms from property owners are required
  • All required building permit applications
  • Four copies of the construction drawing set
  • Four copies of the structural analysis report, stamped by a certified structural engineer.

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For more information, please contact Development Services at 708-403-5300 or send an email.