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Shelters or New Wireless Facilities
New Monopoles, Lattice Towers, or Other Vertical Infrastructure
The installation of new monopoles, lattice towers, or other vertical infrastructure is not a preferred practice. However, new monopoles and/or other vertical infrastructure that will serve wireless communication facilities are reviewed via the special use permitting process.

Requirements & Hearings

This requires notifying neighbors, posting of public hearing signs, and publishing in the local media (Orland Park Prairie) for a public hearing per Section 5-101 of the Land Development Code. The public hearing is conducted at a Plan Commission meeting and the petition is reviewed by the Development Services, the Planning Committee of Trustees, and the Village Board of Trustees.

Wireless Communication Shelters
Wireless communication shelters or small utility buildings underneath or near existing or new infrastructure are considered as “utility sub-stations” by the Land Development Code and require a special use permit and the public hearing requirements noted above.

Special Use Permitting
For projects that require a special use permit, the village’s engineering consultants, Christopher B. Burke Engineering Ltd (CBBEL), will review the structural analysis report. CBBEL will directly communicate with the project’s structural engineers regarding the engineering review.

Co-Location Petitions
The co-location petition will be simultaneously reviewed by the Building Division and the Planning and Engineering Division for Land Development Code and Village Code compliance and for incremental improvements.

The petition must meet preliminary engineering requirements prior to appearing for its public hearing at Plan Commission. Following the Plan Commission, CBBEL and the Planning and Engineering Division will work to complete final engineering as the petition moves to the Committee of Trustees and the Village Board of Trustees.

Process Length
The process for special use petitions typically takes approximately 60-90 days. Please review the development petition for dates and times of Plan Commission, committee, and village board meetings.