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Smart Living Orland Park
Smart Living Orland Park is a program that connects residents and business with the Village to promote sustainable green practices and to save resources like water and energy.  The goal of the program is to reduce operational costs and living expenses, improve efficiency and conserve resources.  The program is divided into five branchs, which are linked to the left: 
  Smart Living
  Smart Business
  Smart Neighborhood
  Smart Village 
  Smart Codes

Benefits of Smart Living Orland Park
  1. Adds economic value to the natural ecology.
  2. Enables local prosperity.
  3. Makes the benefits of sustainability accessible to everyone.
  4. Manages and improves shared and valuable environmental and economic assets.

2030 Vision
Smart Living Orland Park follows the 2030 Vision for Sustainability and Stewardship of the Orland Park Comprehensive Plan:

"Orland Park will be a sustainable, healthy place with efficient and functional infrastructure that is balanced with nature and community."