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Smart Village
Smart Village LogoSmart Village is the municipal component of the Smart Living Orland Park program.  Through this branch, Orland Park local government leads by example with its own green initiatives and unique management techniques.  Activities of Smart Village include:

  • Maintaining the country's first LEED Gold Certified Police Headquarters.
  • Using new building technologies and practices to enhance the quality of life for visitors and employees of public buildings.
  • Reducing the quantity of paper used in government activities by publishing on the internet (i.e. paperless agendas etc.) and paper waste through recycling.
  • Improving building management operations for air quality and temperatures.
  • Retrofitting Village buildings with energy efficient systems like new HVAC, boilers and lighting systems. 
  • Increasing the use of native landscaping and working toward a greater awareness for water efficiency and conservation.
  • Recycling for unique products like holiday lights, batteries, crayons and more.

New Policies
Smart Village policies renovate municipal facilities in a manner that provides a healthier indoor enviornment and an efficient workplace with reduced operating costs through the conservation of resources like water and energy.  Similarly, the Village provides a healthier and more efficient outdoor environment as well through planned infrastructure upgrades that reuse, reduce or conserve water and energy.  Below are some examples of what has been done and offer an idea of what can be expected:

  • Water efficiency - Ultra low-flow fixtures, occupant sensors, reusing stormwater for non-potable applications, rain gages for our sprinkler systems
  • Electrical efficiency - LED exit signs, LED lighting for seasonal decorating, fluorescent lamp recycling program
  • HVAC efficiency - Automated HVAC system, new and existing units will be upgraded from using R22 to R410 to gasses
  • Recycling - Paper, cardboard, and plastic
  • Building management - Indoor air quality measures: low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), adhesives, solvents and cleaners. New office equipment/furniture will have Low-Emitting Material and be Energy Star certified.
  • Landscapes, Open Space, and Parks - New bike paths, tree and natural plantings