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Yard Waste and Leaf Pick-up

Waste Management
Waste Management provides for the collection of leaves and other yard waste in bags or carts throughout the yard waste season (April 1 - November 30). Residents must use clearly marked yard waste carts or Kraft biodegradable bags to dispose of leaves and other yard waste.  Yard waste in other containers will not be collected.  Waste Management also offers rentals for yard waste carts if a resident so desires.

Carts and bags filled with yard waste can be placed at the curb on the regular collection day for pick up through the end of November.  Yard Waste collection ends November 30 due to the yard waste disposal restrictions in Illinois.

All yard waste materials must be separate from normal household garbage. Bundled trees and brush less than 4 inches in diameter and 48 inches in length are picked up during the first full week of each month. For more information about yard waste disposal or to buy or rent a Waste Wheeler Cart, please call Waste Management of the South Suburbs at 800-796-9696.

Supplemental Leaf Collection from Parkways by the Village - Limited Areas Only
Village crews cannot pick up all of the leaves in all of the subdivisions throughout the community and therefore partners with Waste Management for the bag/cart leaf collection throughout the community.  Village crews do, however, augment leaf collection in a limited number of subdivision areas for a short period of time in the fall.

Village parkway leaf collection generally starts around the middle to the end of October after the leaves begin to fall in autumn and concludes before the Thanksgiving holiday each year to comply with disposal restrictions in Illinois.  The list of Village leaf collection areas and the scheduled end date for each area can be found on the leaf pick-up areas page.

In designated areas that have parkway leaves picked up by the Village, please do not rake leaves into the street. Rake leaves into piles within the grass parkway before the edge of the curb. The village's equipment is designed to pick up the leaves from the parkway, not the street pavement or curb.

Raking leaves into the street can cause stormwater inlets to become clogged. Clogged inlets do not allow rainwater to drain properly and will cause flooding. Homes where leaves are found to be piled into the street pavement will be ticketed as appropriate.

Adopt-an Inlet
You may help the village in preventing street flooding by joining in the program to Adopt-an-Inlet and help keep the inlets free of leaves and other debris.

Call Public Works at 708-403-6350 if you have any further questions about the village's leaf pickup program.