Advisory Referenda Appear on Village of Orland Park 2018 Gubernatorial Ballots

Advisory Referenda Appear on Village of Orland Park 2018 Gubernatorial Ballots
Posted on 03/02/2018

The Orland Park Village Board first passed an ordinance prohibiting video gaming in the village in 2009.

Since that time, the village has been approached by local businesses about the possibility of video gaming in Orland Park.

The Board of Trustees is always open to new revenue ideas given what's been happening with sales tax revenue.

Two advisory (non-binding) referenda appear on the 2018 Gubernatorial Election Ballot asking village voters' opinions.

The village's advisory referendum is the more detailed of the two seeking voters' input on the restrictions, what type of video gaming would be allowed, and in which local businesses.

The advisory question on video gaming relates to an ordinance being considered by the Orland Park Board of Trustees which would limit video gaming to restaurants with Class A liquor licenses, all of which must have been in operation for at least 18 months.

Potential restrictions for a video gaming ordinance include:

  • Limited to established Class A liquor license holders (full service restaurants that have kitchens and full food menus).
  • Limited signage inside the business
  • The village is not changing its sign ordinance and neon and digital signs will remain prohibited in Orland Park.
  • Establishing physical barriers for gaming areas inside establishments
  • Limited noise and lights from gaming machines
  • Village warning sticker on all entrances that announce that video gaming is on the premises
  • Waiting periods for new businesses
  • Requiring alarms and video surveillance of areas

Village staff has researched the feasibility of allowing video gaming in Orland Park and an economic impact study was conducted to determine how regional towns having video gaming affects Orland Park. This study and other relevant facts can be found at

The Village of Orland Park Board of Trustees held three town hall meetings on November 27, December 11 and January 8. Residents and business owners shared their opinions or asked questions of the board regarding video gaming in the village.

Find more information at the link below.

Video Gaming Referendum Information