Early Orland Park Numbers Show Drop in Crime Offenses

Early Orland Park Numbers Show Drop in Crime Offenses
Posted on 01/29/2018

Preliminary numbers from the Illinois Uniform Crime Report (IUCR) indicate that Orland Park had a 17.1% drop in criminal offenses in 2017 versus 2016. The statistics show that Orland Park had the lowest number of criminal offenses since 2003 despite a significant increase in population and residential and commercial development since that time.

"This is a testament to the men and women of our police department and a direct result of the outstanding leadership of Chief Tim McCarthy and the department's commanders," said Village President Keith Pekau, congratulating the department for a job well done. The mayor also noted the high visibility of patrol officers at Orland Square and throughout the shopping areas during the holiday season.

Trustee Pat Gira, chair of the village's Public Safety Committee, said, "We are grateful to everyone at the police department for all of their hard work. We're also pleased to report that overall, Orland Square had a highly successful holiday shopping season both with higher sales figures and no reported violent crime during the shopping season."

In addition, motor vehicle theft dropped by four and there were no reported arsons in Orland Park in 2017. Orland Parks arrest rate for all crimes far exceeds the FBI reported Midwest and national averages.

"These numbers show how very hard the men and women of the Orland Park Police Department work to respond to and solve crimes," McCarthy said. "Orland Park has some of the best numbers for arrests and we want the bad guys to know to not come to Orland Park."

McCarthy reported that crimes against person increased from 25 to 35 with the largest increase resulting from domestic offenses. Property crimes decreased by 241 from 1335 to 1094. The largest property crime decreases were for theft which dropped from 1263 to 1059 and burglary which dropped from 53 to 20. This is the lowest number of burglaries in over 25 years.

The chief credited the significant drop in crime to the efforts of the entire department. He also noted that the FBI crime statistics (crime in the United States) showed that Orland Park had the lowest number of violent crimes in 2014 for mid-size cities exceeding 50,000, had the second lowest violent crime in 2015 and the lowest again in 2016. 2017 figures will not be available for comparison for several more months until they are all reported to the FBI.