INFORMATIONAL BULLETIN from the Orland Park Police Department

INFORMATIONAL BULLETIN from the Orland Park Police Department
Posted on 11/20/2015

With the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, the Orland Park Police Department and Village of Orland Park employees have received inquiries regarding Orland Park being on a target list for the terrorist group ISIS. These concerns appear to be tied to a widely reported news story in March of 2015 regarding ISIS publishing a “hit list” of 100 military airmen.

It was reported that ISIS identified servicemen on this hit list who they believed to be involved in military airstrikes in the Middle East. A pilot named on the list had an address obtained through open source (internet sites) in Orland Park. The FBI contacted the police department to inform us of this information. The FBI also confirmed that the pilot lived in a different state but was identified as an Orland Park resident. This threat was not in any way directed at Orland Park or any locations in Orland Park; it was made toward this military pilot.

Since this report in March there have not been any credible reports mentioning Orland Park related to terrorism. When contacted by concerned citizens, the Police Department has investigated and found these concerns are fueled by rumors and misinformation related to the March news report.

The Orland Park Police Department is in constant contact with federal, state, county and other city law enforcement partners. The Police Department has a full-time officer assigned to the FBI. The department also has officers assigned to monitor information from the Statewide Terrorism & Intelligence Center (STIC) along with other intelligence sources. There is no information indicating Orland Park is the target of any type of terrorist threat.

With the holiday season approaching, there will be an increased police presence at Orland Square as well as other locations. This is done routinely every year. Even though there are no reports of any type of threats, the Orland Park Police Department will be vigilant and remember if you see something, say something NOW.