Mayor's Social Media Campaign to Recognize Kindness in the Community

Mayor's Social Media Campaign to Recognize Kindness in the Community
Posted on 01/04/2017

Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin has launched a social media campaign to publicly recognize those who practice acts of kindness.

Using the hashtag #OPKind on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, everyone is encouraged to seek ways to show kindness and to celebrate others when they demonstrate kindness.

"Orland Park Is Kind" is the theme of the mayor's 2017 State of the Village Address to be held Thursday, March 9 at Carl Sandburg High School. Many of the tagged photos will be shared at the mayor's State of the Village Address.

"When people see someone doing something nice in Orland Park, we want them to share these stories by using the hashtag #OPKind," McLaughlin said. "We know that many of our residents are very active on social media and this is a way for us to join together to make a positive difference not only in Orland Park, but all over via social media."

Everyone is invited to participate in the #OPKind Challenge. To spread the word, the village is providing free "I Am #OPKind" stickers, asking people to share the stickers with those who demonstrate acts of kindness.

"We invite everyone to be a part of Orland Park's kindness campaign --- businesses, churches, schools, community groups --- everyone," McLaughlin said. "If you see an employee, family member, friend or neighbor doing something nice, take their picture and post it with the hashtag OPKind."

Social media users are encouraged to take pictures of acts of kindness or describe people being nice and share them on social media --- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest --- tagging #OPKind. Those who distribute the #OPKind stickers should take pictures of the sticker recipients and briefly describe the act of kindness with the hashtag OPKind.

Those who do not use social media may share stories of kindness via email by sending them to

"This is a fun way to recognize acts of kindness both big and small," McLaughlin said. "Using the hashtag OPKind, everyone can see the many acts of kindness happening every day in Orland Park."

The #OPKind stickers are available at the information desk in the lobby of Orland Park's Village Hall, 14700 South Ravinia Avenue, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 708/403-6399.