New Traffic Signals Activated at 143rd Street and LaGrange Road

New Traffic Signals Activated at 143rd Street and LaGrange Road
Posted on 04/25/2012

It's been a number of years since Orland Park's first stop light was installed at 143rd Street and LaGrange Road "to control heavy traffic."

On Wednesday, April 25, the new traffic signals at the improved intersection of 143rd and LaGrange were activated.

"Improving the intersection of 143rd and LaGrange had been an objective of the Village Board for several years and it's great to see this long awaited project nearing completion," said Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin. "The activation of the new stop lights brings the improvement project another step closer to completion," he added.

The new stop lights at 143rd Street replace the temporary fixtures that had been in place.

"We've been incorporating the village's 120th anniversary into our publications and events and some of our longtime residents may recall when 143rd Street and LaGrange Road had the only stop light in town," said Trustee Ed Schussler, chair of the village's Public Works and Engineering Committee.

The new lights at 143rd Street and Ravinia Avenue have also been activated. These signals provide safe, controlled access for vehicles using Ravinia and work continues on the extension of Ravinia to the north into the 143rd Street train station. The new lights at 142nd and LaGrange Road will be activated within the next few weeks.

Combination poles have been installed at both the 142nd and 143rd and LaGrange Road signalized intersections. These traffic signal poles also include roadway lighting at multiple corners of both intersections, eliminating several lighting poles at each intersection, improving the aesthetics.

"We've very proud of the intersection improvements and were pleased to be able to use combination poles to make the intersection even more attractive," McLaughlin said, noting that the new pedestrian lights resemble those in the Old Orland Historic District, the train station parking lot and in Orland Crossing. "It has certainly become an attractive gateway to the village," he added.

All poles, mast arm and fixtures for this project and the balance of the corridor are black instead of the unfinished aluminum. Electrical service for parkway and median holiday lighting was also included during construction.

The new traffic lights are part of the village's overall 143rd Street and LaGrange Road Improvement Project. Crews are currently completing the installation of sidewalk and landscaping, along with the wiring for the newly installed street and pedestrian lighting. Final completion, with the exception of some final items, is expected in late May or early June.