Orland Park Virtual Town Hall Now Available Online

Orland Park Virtual Town Hall Now Available Online
Posted on 03/23/2016

The Village of Orland Park is offering residents a new way to join conversations on issues affecting the community. Residents can now click on the link, 'Virtual Town Hall,' in the far left column on the village's main web page and be directed to the online public forum. Virtual Town Hall allows residents to comment on topics posted by the village and also receive feedback to specific questions.

"This is a great way to reach residents who want to stay current on what's happening in the village but cannot come out to board meetings," said Mayor Dan McLaughlin. "There will be current topics posted and we hope people will take the time to provide honest feedback."

Topics will be presented in a blog format, giving residents places to comment and read others' comments.

Additionally, residents will find a blog post titled "The Grapevine," where they can share rumors or information they have heard circulating around Orland Park.

"We know that word travels fast and there are often a lot of misconceptions being shared," McLaughlin said. "The Grapevine" will help the village filter through some of these misunderstandings and clarify topics that may be causing confusion."

Residents are encouraged to register with Virtual Town Hall by providing their name, home address and email on the site. All information is confidential and is used to verify residents' activity on the site and to prevent cyber bullying or inappropriate content that may violate the village's guidelines.

Registration is not necessary in order to visit or comment on the site. Users are limited to one comment per topic.

"We invite everyone to be a part of Orland Park's virtual town hall," said Trustee Jim Dodge, chair of the village's Civic Engagement Committee. "This is a convenient way to stay in the loop with all that's happening in Orland Park without leaving your home."

Virtual Town Hall is run by Peak Democracy, a non-partisan company. Founded in 2007, Peak Democracy is the most widely used online public engagement platform for government entities, with over 2,000 open town hall forums, reaching over 300,000 constituents.