Thirty Plus Accept Village's Weight Loss Challenge

Thirty Plus Accept Village's Weight Loss Challenge
Posted on 02/23/2011

More than 30 people accepted the Village of Orland Park Sportsplex's Weight Loss Challenge and are vying for the $500 cash prize.

"The challenge kicked off on January 17th and we are thrilled with the number of people who accepted our challenge," said Sportsplex Fitness Manager Deborah Graham-Geghen.

Contestants may choose to compete on their own or work out with a personal trainer once or twice a week with Pilates or personal training. Special training rates are available.

Longtime Orland Park resident Linda Sapit accepted the Sportsplex's challenge. "At the height of my obesity, 245 pounds, five years ago, I was clinically obese and a candidate for diabetes, advanced heart disease and other issues," Sapit explained. "After losing 28 pounds on my own, I felt better and dropped four dress sizes," she added.

"I've joined this weight loss contest to lose more weight, to help others with what I've learned in my nutrition class. I actually talk weight loss at the grocery stores. I'm willing to help anyone eat healthier," Sapit added.

Challenge participants work out as often as they like each and have the option of also working with one of the village's personal trainers.

"We have people from all walks of life in this contest and have two adult children competing with their moms, making it even more fun," Graham-Geghen said. "By this time, a lot of people have given up on their weight loss goals for the New Year, but not our challenge participants. They're going strong," she added.

"I just got too comfortable in my life and stopped paying attention," said participant Theresa Roche said. "A few pounds would come on here and there and I just accepted it. I joined the challenge because I am ready to get my life back again. I saw it in the winter catalog and knew that I needed to get on board," Roche added.

"We're hoping to make this a regular program at the Sportsplex," Graham-Geghen said, adding, "People are paying attention to the media and know that they need to eat healthy and be physically active. We're here to help them do just that."

The Village of Orland Park Sportsplex is located at 11351 West 159th Street. More information is available by calling 708/645-PLAY.