Village Statement Regarding April 7 & 8 Robocall

Village Statement Regarding April 7 & 8 Robocall
Posted on 04/11/2018

ORLAND PARK, IL (April 10, 2018) --- A number of Orland Park residents received pre-recorded robocalls on April 7 and 8 that included erroneous information. Many of the falsehoods pertained to the village's development of its Downtown Orland Park, including the overall amount spent on the development and business re-location expenses.

Since 2002, all monies invested in the Main Street Triangle TIF District were for site improvements, including the new commuter station, commuter parking lots, roads, park sites, a detention facility, utilities, a portion of the parking garage and property acquisition. The University of Chicago paid for 75% of the parking garage.

When acquiring the various properties, the Village of Orland Park exercised its due diligence with each business owner, working with various consultants and following federal guidelines to offer a fair amount to each of the relocated businesses.

In addition, the village continues to have two audits performed annually by an outside auditing firm to ensure that the dollars have been properly allocated.

All business acquisitions and relocation costs are subject to the Federal Uniform Relocation Act and the information included in the recent robocall was inaccurate.

Orland Park Bakery was paid $447,483 for its move out of Orland Park Plaza and not the amount falsely reported in the recorded message. This amount was pursuant to the Federal Uniform Relocation guidelines and was approved by the village on January 6, 2014.

The majority of businesses that chose to remain in Orland Park not only expanded but have been more successful and generated more revenues for the village than they did in their former locations.

The first new development within Orland Park's Main Street area --- Ninety7Fifty on the Park --- gave the village a net gain of approximately $6.8 million for that project alone, through the life of the TIF. The University of Chicago is expected to generate more than $18 million dollars in village revenue.

After one development, the current value of the TIF exceeds the value from when it was established in 2004. Orland Park is currently evaluating requests for proposals for the remaining parcels in the Main Street area.

Orland Park took a methodical and responsible approach when choosing to invest in the Downtown Orland Park Main Street Triangle. Among the objectives was that no debt would be reflected on residents' property tax bills.

The village has been transparent throughout the entire project. Additional reports and documents pertaining to the Main Street Triangle can be found on the Citizens' Information Page on the village's website at

Recipients of the robocall who wish to complain may file their objections with the Federal Communications Commission at