Opening a Business

If you are an existing Orland Park business or are planning on locating in Orland Park, we look forward to working with you to keep your project on schedule. If you have any questions, please contact the Development Services Department.

Getting Started
It is best to contact the Development Services Department as early as possible in your planning process. Any information that you share with staff will be kept confidential until you actually formally apply for permits / approvals. We realize that confidentiality is very important in a competitive business and real estate climate and we will not violate your trust.

Steps to Expect
A typical development process should generally follow these steps:
  • Familiarize yourself with village regulations and approval processes.
  • Contact the Development Services Department to set up a concept meeting with staff to discuss your project and verify approval requirements and timelines.
  • Prepare any detailed plans.
  • Submit planning development petition and preliminary engineering plans for review and formal approval.
  • Submit final engineering plans and building plans for review and approval.
  • If applicable, establish appropriate letter of credit. The Village of Orland Park requires the establishment of a Letter of Credit for all developments that involve the construction of public improvements. Such improvements include roads, sidewalks, detention ponds, and landscaping. The amount the Letter of Credit must be established for is equal to 125% of the estimated cost of the public improvement.
  • After all permits are approved, begin construction.
Preparation of Project
As you prepare your project, please remember that it is easier for the village to respond quickly and with accurate information to a well thought-out plan. The more details that you can provide will help us ensure that you get complete answers and good directions from the beginning.

Projects are not reviewed or entered into the approval process until all of the required information is provided.

Our Commitment to You
The Village of Orland Park and the Department of Development Services is committed to helping you through the development approval process.

Our Honor
  • We will be upfront with information and will offer professional insight and advice relative to project approvals.
  • We will treat each person who seeks assistance with respect and honesty.
  • We take extreme pride in working to bring outstanding quality developments to Orland Park.
The village was honored by the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development at DePaul University for excellence in design review.