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                                                         167th Street Multi-Use Path

The public meeting will be held virtually with a live presentation over Microsoft Teams. The meeting will include a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the Phase 1 Study limits and process, the project’s purpose and need, proposed improvements, stakeholder involvement, and the anticipated project schedule. The presentation will take approximately 20 minutes and the rest of the allotted time will be in Q&A format. While a computer or tablet is recommended, attendees who do not have access to one can use the call-in number available –please see the flyer.

The Village will have paper copies of the presentation and comment forms available at the Village Hall for those who wish to use them. During the Q&A, attendees have the option of utilizing a chat box feature to type in their questions and/or comments or will be invited to speak for those who prefer to do so. The presenters will acknowledge and read aloud each comment and respond accordingly. All comments, questions, and responses will be documented by the Consulting staff. The virtual meeting will be recorded and published to the Village’s website after the meeting.

Road and Bike Path Improvements
Neighborhood Improvement Project
Stormwater Project Updates
Weather Related Road Condition Information:
We appreciate your cooperation in calling or emailing about Village streets and conditions that require our attention. Village staff updates the information on extreme weather conditions frequently.

Please use the following phone numbers to find out about State and Cook County roads:
  • State Roads, 847-705-4161
  • Cook County Roads, 708-448-8006
Order of Streets Plowed:
  1. All village-owned streets, main streets
  2. Side-streets
  3. Cul-de-sacs
  4. Dead ends