Hostert Log Cabins

Orland Park Landmark c1850. Named for the two brothers that built and lived in these log houses, the Hostert Cabins were typically homes for the Orland area’s first settlers.
Hostert Log CabinsHostert Log Cabins
Hostert Family Brothers Jacob and Bernard Hostert were born in Luxembourg and emigrated to America in the early 1840s, settling first in Pennsylvania and re-locating to Illinois.

On November 27, 1847 in Chicago, Jacob Hostert enlisted in the Mexican American War. At this time, Bernard worked the land and met his wife, Mary. The couple moved to Homer Township, constructing their log cabin on 159th Street and Will-Cook Road. Bernard and Mary did not have any children, but many family members from Germany visited and stayed with the couple in their cabin.

After the war, Jacob Hostert married Anna Maria Horne and settled near his brother in Homer Township. He later re-located his homestead in the 1860s to Orland Township, settling on 143rd Street and Wolf Road. The couple had five children.

Both brothers’ cabins were re-located to its current location on West Avenue in the 1980s. They are owned by the Village of Orland Park and provide visitors and students a glimpse into Orland’s past and how our earliest settlers created their homes and raised their families.

The cabins are available for group tours by appointment.

Orland Park Hostert Log CabinsNature in bloom around the Hostert Log CabinsHostert Log Cabins is a Historical Landmark in Orland ParkCome and walk the paths surrounding the Log Cabins