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Temporary Storage Area
Petey’s Site/ La Grange Road Widening Staging and Stockpiling Site – Southwest corner of 159th and LaGrange Road


Approximately 8 acres of the 32 acre site will be used for stockpiling LaGrange Road construction material, including but not limited to dirt, asphalt and concrete.  A temporary concrete crushing plant will be erected.  Concrete that is removed from the LaGrange Road project will be stockpiled, crushed and re-used in the construction of the new LaGrange Road.  The contractor will also have a field trailer and equipment storage containers located at the site.  A 6 foot high fence with screening will be placed along LaGrange Road and 159th Street.  Ingress and egress points will be located along 159th Street and LaGrange Road.

The proposed staging and stockpiling site will effectively be located on the southwest corner of 159th Street and LaGrange Road.  This location is ideal for the following reasons:

    -Centrally located in the project corridor

    -Large land area of eight (8) acres to accommodate large scale of operations and materials

    -Accessible from two main IDOT arterial roads, including LaGrange Road itself

    -Completed 159th Street and La Grange Road intersection (no construction in the area to complicate
      travel patterns)

    -Access to the site is easily discernible and definitive (as opposed to staging activities and stockpiling
     materials and equipment scattered throughout the corridor impacting traffic in addition to actual
     road construction activities)

    -According to IDOT’s contractor, the proposed staging and stockpiling site will include the following 

                                -Concrete paving accessory materials storage
                                -Conex containers for tool storage
                                -Temporary construction office trailers
                                -Stockpiling broken concrete to be crushed on site and re-used in the project as  
                                 aggregate sub-base material

                                -Stockpiling milled asphalt to be processed by screening and then re-used as capping 
                                 aggregate in the project

                                -Placement of clay embankment in accordance with an approved proposed grading 

Site Programming

The proposed site plan establishes an order for processing material deliveries from raw form to recycled and usable material on the east side of the access drive.  According to the site plan, the recycled asphalt stockpile area for grindings will be located at the southeast corner of the site near the La Grange Road access drive entrance.  North of that will be the concrete delivery and storage area along La Grange Road.  The delivered concrete will then be processed and crushed toward the middle of the site.  The recycled materials will then be stored at the north end of the site along the 159th Street frontage, where material pick-up is planned.