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Basin Best Practices - Ponds

Basin Best Practices Program

Park maintenance policies, procedures and practices outlined below will help residents understand the strategy in place for select naturalized ponds and show how you can help the Parks Department manage our natural resources. Naturalized stormwater basins throughout the community require on-going stewardship to ensure that natural plantings take hold and invasive species are reduced or eliminated.  The Parks and Public Works departments are working together to advance a number of priority pond improvements throughout the Village. These restoration projects are part of the Basin Best Practices program that was established by the Village Board in 2011.

The Basin Best Practices Program of the Village of Orland Park began by identifying the pond areas that required restoration and enhanced stewardship.  Many of these are adjacent to homes or parks in our community.  V3 Companies provided an initial assessment and recommendations for a basin management strategy and identified best practices that were recommended for each pond and the surrounding area.  Village staff has reviewed the recommendations and began to contract the restoration work and the on-going stewardship for the first phase of pond projects.  This is a multi-year plan as there are over 170 Village-owned stormwater basins and properties. The goals of this program include:

  • Establish a comprehensive Village-wide approach to restoration/stewardship
  • Provide a consistent level of service and appearance to meet stakeholder expectations
  • Utilize the right resources at the right time provided by qualified staff or contractors
  • Follow industry best practices for ecological restoration and maintenance

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Pond Maintenance

The Village contract services include professional engineering, combined with native landscape installation, design and maintenance. Work is performed throughout the Village, with some locations having only one naturalized stormwater facility and other locations having multiple facilities. The number of total facilities being serviced varies as additional sites are accepted by the Village and incorporated into the long-term management plan.

The ponds that are being addressed through the Basin Best Practices program include a plan for on-going maintenance and stewardship where needed. Throughout the year, there are often requests that require service or stewardship to a pond that has not yet been included in the priority pond list identified in the program. Many times the work required in that area needs to be provided by a contractor rather than Village staff due to the required scope of work. 

The Village contracts for services including: aquatic herbicide application, algaecide application, and invasive plant cutting/removal of undesirable species in our ponds as needed.

The Parks Department contracts for some of the work in ponds labeled as "Category A Ponds" which can be found in thismap. Following is a list of ponds and their respective aerial maps: 

Amber Pond
Anthony Drive Pond
Caro Vista Pond
Colette Pond
Colonades Pond
Eagle Ridge Pond #2
Emerald North Pond
Julie Ann Lane Pond
Lake Shore North Pond
Laurel Hill Pond
Legend Trail Pond
Marley Blvd. South 
& Middle Ponds 
Orland Square Pond
Parkhill Pond #1 
& Parkhill #3
Persimmon Meadow Pond

Police Pond 
(a.k.a. Village Center North Pond - this was adjacent to the old police station which is now Recreation Administration)
Preston Drive Pond
Royal Oaks Pond
Tallgrass Pond
Triangle Pond
Village Center Pond
and Village Square Pond
All other Village ponds are maintained by the Public Works Department.

Ongoing Stewardship

Stewardship activities are focused on enhancing and maintaining the environmental quality of aquatic areas for storm water control. Activities include: litter/debris control, erosion control, management of shoreline and aquatic vegetation, pest control, enforcement of public safety guidelines, and maintenance of the water in a free-flowing condition. In instances where public and private lands adjoin waterways managed by the Village, riparian rights will be observed with the Village maintaining to the property center-line of such areas. Activities include all labor, materials, supplies, and services to maintain the environmental quality of aquatic areas. 

Debris Removal: This includes the cutting, trimming and removal of undesirable plant material that impede free-flowing water within the aquatic boundaries of each body of water.

Algae Control: Algae levels will be monitored periodically. If it is determined that control is necessary, it will be managed by chemical means, where an algaecide application to all ponds with considerable algae population.

Aquatic Herbicide: Herbicide is applied to all invasive or undesirable species of plants (Cattails, Phragmites, Reed Canary Grass, etc.) within the aquatic boundaries of each body of water.

A number of these ponds are maintained under stewardship services provided by Pizzo & Associates and V3 Companies.  If you have questions about the maintenance of a specific pond on the list above, please contact the Parks Department at 708-403-6219.  For other ponds or wetland areas, please contact the Public Works Department at 708-403-6350.