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                                                  “Bullying Prevention is a process not a program.” –Dr. Shriberg


Who We Are:
The Village of Orland Park and the Bridge Teen Center along with the South/Southwest Bully Coalition formed this collaboration to address the serious issue of bullying in our community. By working together, we can collectively lessen bullying in Orland Park. Although it is a difficult challenge, it cannot be ignored.

The purpose of this collaboration is to bring together a diverse group of individuals that will work together to influence a positive change and cultivate pro-active initiatives on the issue of bullying in the surrounding communities.

•To establish a common definition and establish consistent language to use in the community.
•To raise awareness and elevate the education of bullying in our communities.
•To identity and provide information, practical resources and tools for students, parents, community and schools.

Download The Village of Orland Park & The Bridge Teen Center’s
 "Resolution to Eradicate Bullying in our Community"